Just like there are Initial Public Offerings, there are ICOs or Initial Coin Offerings for cryptocurrencies. So, companies that wish to raise funds for creating a new crypto coin or service has to launch an ICO for raising the money. Al interested investors can then buy into the ICO and get a new crypto token that is issued by such companies.

  • Orchid Protocol: This is a decentralized open-source technology that allows users to access uncensored Internet. This is a crypto-supported VPN and the chances of the token succeeding are very high. Users provide additional bandwidth for creating a decentralized network for routing connections. Orchic uses ERC-20 token called OXT.
  • Keep Network: This is a private layer allowing data transmission of private information across a public blockchain. Keep will store the data off-chain through secure multiparty computation. It enables secure data transfer from one to another user on the blockchain. The developers have come out with tBTC, a killer app, on the Keep Network.
  • Clever DeFi: This is decentralized finance protocol that will distribute interests to everyone holding tokens automatically over a 34-year period. Up to 11% in compound interest can be paid and all payments will be made automatically across the network. This offers a digital way to store assets.
  • Origin Protocol is devoted to making a platform for allowing users to make transactions over the blockchain directly; this platform is designed to be used for decentralized marketplaces, doing away with transaction fees and boosting transparency in commerce. It makes use of the Ethereum blockchain, thus enjoying top-of-the-line investors. This is for those who have faith in blockchain-powered ecommerce.
  • Lukso: This platform was built by Fabian Vogelsteller, an ex Ethereum developer, and focuses on gaming, social media, and fashion. It is meant for new digital lifestyles and the idea is to create a blockchain multi-verse for creating a digital ecosystem. If you trust digital certificates, cultural currencies, and universal public profiles, this may prove to be a good option.
  • Verox: This is a financial advisor that is driven by Artificial Intelligence. It analyzes a person’s financial status and recommends best financial solutions depending on his needs. it is capable of processing huge volumes of data on crypto and Defi currency for finding the perfect match for users. There is a high demand for financial analytics, customized advice, and data provision; so, this platform could get a lot of fans. The platform will evaluate chosen tokens to find the best cryptocurrency investments in real time. It is a good option for those having faith in copy trading.
  • Bitcoin code: Bitcoin code is an automated cryptocurrency software that simplifies the trading process to ensure that as many people as possible make money through cryptocurrency trading. The idea of Developer Sven Hegel was really simple: with Bitcoin code, he wanted to create a new way for all interested parties to participate in the trade. Visit https://kryptoszene.de/bitcoin-robot/bitcoin-code/ for more details.
  • RoeVWade: The RVW blockchain aims at producing finances for the Roe V Wade movie, and tokens are priced at $1 USD. This deals with a true story regarding a landmark controversial court case in the US dealing with legal abortion.
  • Cudos refers to a global network providing a layer for some blockchains. This was launched end of November last year and one can trade Cudos on BitMAX.
  • Whole Network focuses on safeguarding user privacy. Users are given a Node ID that is a key to their security and apps; this ID provides genuine ownership of private data. Your phone is a terminal and every user is a node. So, value generated by using the phone is rewarded. It runs on Ethereum platform.


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